Dog Meat Industry Revealed

February 28, 2017


Description: In Asia dog is a meal to many people. There are statistics that claim more than 30% of the Chinese have tasted- or eat dog regularly.

Pig Execution

March 5, 2017


Description: In Sweden and in many other countries the public believes that executing a pig with gas is humane. How about we show you the truth instead. Gas has been used before by humans and is far from humane.

Swedish Fur Industry Undercover 2015

March 6, 2017


Description: After repeated video proof sent to government, they have done nothing to act against animal cruelty and suffering.

Swedish Fur Industry Undercover 2010

March 5, 2017


Description: It is an industry that focus on the millions of Swedish crowns instead of animal rights. Watch the terrifying truth.

Pig Industry Undercover 2009-2015

March 7, 2017


Description: It is an industry that focuses only on profit, with no concern on animal care nor animal rights. Free the enslaved!

Lives Cut Short

March 9, 2017


Description: Watch the full lifespan of an animal that ends up as a package in the store and as food on your table.


March 10, 2017


Description: Humanity is full of excuses and lies. One animal suffering is one animal to many. Be brave to say when it is enough!

Chicken and Egg Industry Undercover

March 10, 2017


Description: It is an industry that focuses only on profit, with no concern on animal care nor animal rights. Free the enslaved!

Approved Executions

March 14, 2017


Description: Most people think that slaughtering an animal is humane and the product that is available in the store is free from suffering, think again!

EU Animal Transports

March 16, 2017


Description: This is the backdoor to witness the horrible truth behind humanities greed to have control over consumption habits. These animals suffer greatly without food, water nor shelter from heat or cold even though EU Legislation states otherwise.

Meet Your Animal Product

March 16, 2017


Description: Our latest video from Djurrättsalliansen, modified with text to show the truth behind the meat- and dairy industry in Sweden.

Meat And Fur Trade In China

April 14, 2017


Description: Our latest video with our new video editing software. Learn about the truth behind the horrific industry in China, denounce and retaliate.

Planet Earth

April 18, 2017


Description: Planet Earth, a world of beauty and natural wonders. A world of incredible wildlife. A world being destroyed by humanity.

Worst Animal Torture Ever Witnessed

April 25, 2017


Description: You might say that this does not happen in my country or these are the worst people on this planet, think agan, what you do not see or hear...

A Time For Reflection And Motivation

April 28, 2017


Description: We do not have to sacrifice pieces of our soul every day, sometimes we must identify ourselves in the everlasting voice for the unheard.

Swedish Dairy Industry

April 30, 2017


Description: The dairy industry is far from humane and is the number one reason behind many of the modern day diseases. Animals are not property of humanity and can be much compared to slavery.

A Celebration To Animal Activism

May 2, 2017


Description: The heroes that speak for the unheard. Activism is the rent we pay to live on this planet.

Happiness And Pain

May 4, 2017


Description: Animals are sentient because they can feel and because pain is felt no differently for any animal than it is to a human.


May 10, 2017


Description: Animal slavery is no different than Human slavery, there is only a difference in wording, Racism versus Speciesism.

Veil of Truth for Local Food Movement

May 13, 2017


Description: Local Food Movement promotes more humane animal care and slaughter. It is just a veil to promote animal suffering without using the industry as key word to promote their business. It does not change anything for the animals.

Commercial Seal Hunt Shame

May 18, 2017


Description: Canada’s government sets a quota of around half a million harp, hooded, and grey seals to be killed every year.

Introduction to Seitan

May 28, 2017


Description: Seitan is the vegan solution for your BBQ, presented by Niclas Klein from Animal Salvation!


The Truth About Pigs

May 31, 2017


Description: Only pigs in movies spend their lives running across sprawling pastures and relaxing in the sun.

The Unheard Ocean Screams

June 7, 2017


Description: The surface of the planet is approximately 71% water and we are exterminating its inhabitants.

Being Sick But Nobody Cares

June 8, 2017


Description: When you are sick you go to the doctor. You like being loved and taken care of. That is if you weren't born on a factory farm.

Gas Chambers, The Death Screams

June 8, 2017


Description: A pig suffers tremendously before ending up on your plate, there is no pig being abused for slavery that had a good life. These are the death screams that can be heard from gas chamber executions.

Mother Earth is Dying

June 8, 2017



Open your eyes...

Stop covering your ears...

Stop living in denial...

Pig Brutality Unveiled

June 20, 2017


Description: This is again a video we edited to show the life of a pig. It is far from a happy and joyful birth, it is a life filled with misery, agony, pain, suffering and fear. No pig gets a good death. Not a single one. You never have to wonder if the pig on your plate had to suffer. It did.


You Didn't

June 20, 2017


Description: You did not start this but you can end it. You did not do this but you paid for it.

In Another Life

June 20, 2017


Description: Yesterday I was told that god placed these animals on earth for us to eat...if you believe god did this, that god preaches suffering...then I do not know who is your god and you should be ashamed for using god's name in vain. God preaches mercy for the innocent, all animals are innocent hence your are torturing and executing innocent beings for your pleasure greed.

Adventure Time

June 20, 2017


Description: Our day will come...when all our sins will be paid back in tenfold by Nature. Then you can cry all you want but since you did not listen to the animals, nature will not listen to you.

Murdering an Animal is no Different

June 28, 2017


Description: Right now, as I post this, thousands of concentration camp trucks are forcefully moving animals from a farm to an execution camp, a slaughterhouse.

Dark Secret of the Dairy Industry

July 4, 2017


Description: This is Dairy Industry 101, this is the disgusting habit, tradition, culture and norm you support for your taste and convenience. No other mammal on this planet drink milk after weaning and by law of nature, no other mammal drink milk from a different species.

Meet Your Animal Product

July 24, 2017


Description: Revised video for earlier version. Our latest video from Djurrättsalliansen, modified with text to show the truth behind the meat-, egg and dairy industry in Sweden.

Mallorca for Vegans

August 9, 2017


Description: Our complete image gallery (with a bonus) of our Vegan Adventure at Mallorca, Spain.