During our stay, we travelled through a travel agency and chose a four-star adult only hotel 7km from Palma, located 50m from a beach. We had a room with a private section consisting of two chairs, a table and two loungers. We also had access to a restricted area with additional loungers, Bali sun beds and a pool. Our booking included breakfast.

Mallorca for Vegans

Being a vegan can be very challenging when traveling, independently if it is leisure or business. Our demand for animal free food is not always a walk in the park. We planned our trip to Mallorca as an adventure, foremost because the travel agency recommended Mallorca as a top destination for vegans. We have in our travel realized that with right preparations prior to the trip, you can travel anywhere in the world without the fear of starving. We put Mallorca to the test, is this a vegan destination?

The first thing you need to do is to plan transportation. We recommend that you stay in the Palma area if this is convenient for you, but invest time into surveying the rest of the island since it has hidden gems which is necessary experience. Palma is a very busy city and as a vegan you may feel more relaxed not living in a crowded hotel. In addition, since vegan hotels are as rare as diamonds, when choosing a hotel, you need to prepare yourself for some of the worst animal consumers on this planet. We strongly recommend renting an apartment inside Palma or a villa somewhere on the island. When you do the math which should include flight, rent of residence, and rent of transportation, it should end up cheaper than a package solution from a travel agency.

It is both unfortunate and fortunate that the airport is right next door to Palma. The unfortunate is due to the heavy tourism activity, there are constant flights landing as well as taking off. The fortunate is the communication to/from the airport. If you have decided to stay within Palma and you want to save money we recommend taking the bus. In addition, Palma has excellent bicycle lanes which stretch along the ocean as far as 10-15km outside the city, perhaps further.


Bus within vicinity of Palma: €1.50 one way (cash only)

Bike rental: €7-10 per day

Taxi 10km: €15 (ask for payment options)

Car rental basic: €30-40 per day (might not include insurance)

Car rental convertible: €60-80 per day (might not include insurance)

If you live outside Palma as we did, eating is a slight problem. We stayed in a suburb named Can Pastilla. Most restaurants have vegetarian options but it was usually limited to one dish. We located one restaurant “Munchner Kindl” which had several options but we had to assure the waiter that we were vegan, in addition, the restaurant is smack down in the middle of the tourist area. We also convinced a restaurant right outside the hotel “Bar Restaurante Celler Ca'n Santiago” to cook us a vegan dish if we provided the cheese, read about it below. As stated above, finding a bus into Palma was not a challenge. Approximately 400 meters from the hotel entrance there was a bus stop with two buses into Palma and a bus to the airport.

How we solved our eating agenda based on breakfast, lunch, and dinner requirements was an adventure which has built our baseline for travel. Primarily you need to start using “Happy Cow”, either the mobile application or the website so you can track down stores and restaurants for vegans. If you decide to rent a residence you can solve all meals by yourself without any stress or worry. Palma has several vegan stores where you can buy supplies.

For breakfast the hotel provided margarine, soy yoghurt, soy/almond milk, bread, jam, vegetables, fruits, and there were as well fried vegetables (tomato and broccoli), some type of potato (hash browns or French fries) and baked beans. After a few days, we decided we wanted some more options and purchased a few toppings and sausages which the chef gladly fried for us. She even asked if it was ok to use olive oil. If you live in Palma there are a couple of options for breakfast. There is a bagel bakery in old town named “Bagel”. There are three locations spread about Palma named “Ziva To Go” which are grab & go outlets but also provides comfortable seating. Lastly there is another bakery located in the non-tourist area named “Dolcos Julia”.

Lunch is when it starts getting tricky. We attempted to utilize the all-inclusive buffet at the hotel which we received at half price because we were Vegan but all we could eat was fried vegetables, French fries and bread. There was one dish on the hotel menu which was what we thought Vegan, noodles with seitan. We found out that the sauce in this dish contained anchovy. We also attempted to order a classic Caesar salad from the hotel menu but converted into vegan. They served us a few pieces of seitan, some pistachio nuts, and whole pieces of kale. Luckily the hotel realized their error in serving an inhumane salad and refunded the money they charged us for these salads. We visited “Ziva To Go” and had an amazing lunch consisting of a smoothie, a cold drink, a vegetable drink, a wrap, and a salad. We strongly recommend you pre-order since the options reduce as day passes. It is an extremely popular place for vegans. We also ate lunch twice at “Munchner Kindl” which was close to the hotel. The food here is extremely average, this should be considered as a backup option. The first visit we had Paella and Spaghetti Napoli and the second visit we had Soy Hamburger and again Spaghetti Napoli.


All-inclusive meat buffet for two vegans €19

Two inhumane Caesar salads €20

Two noodles with seitan €22

Lunch at Ziva To Go €35

Lunch at Munchner Kindl first visit €19

Lunch at Munchner Kindl second visit €19

Lastly, we sum up the dinner. You are on vacation, perhaps cooking is the last thing on your mind and if we had not located one of the best vegan restaurants that we have ever visited, then our trip would have been less enjoyable. We highly recommend the renting of an apartment or a villa, find joy and passion when cooking with your partner while listening to music and drinking wine somewhere in the mountain ranges on Mallorca. We found Bon Lloc through Happy Cow and we ate dinner there four times. The food was amazing, the staff was extremely professional, kind but foremost laid back. The location is in cozy alley and the setting is both romantic and relaxing. We cannot recommend anything from the menu because every single dish has its own charm and we enjoyed every single dish we tasted. We also located a restaurant not far from the hotel, a stone throw literally. We had dinner there three times and the staff was extremely convenient to satisfy our vegan demands. We even planted a seed with the owner to add vegan dishes to his menu. Due to the scenic view from our room and the seating options we brought home two vegan pizzas without cheese. These we ate during sunset on our patio. Our second visit we wanted tapas, you cannot visit Spain without eating tapas. Out of all the restaurants we scouted, this one had the best and most vegan options which they gladly altered for our convenience. Our last visit is when we really connected with the owner and ordered a dish not on the menu with vegan cheese that we had purchased. He tasted the cheese and was utterly surprised and thus a seed had been planted.


Dinner at Bon Lloc ranges from €40-60 for two.

Two pizzas from Celler C’an Santiago €25.

Tapas at Celler C’an Santiago €32.

Pasta Napolitan at Celler C’an Santiago €34.

To wrap it all up, be one step ahead of the restaurant. Be willing to show them how to cook vegan food, foremost offer them options not on the menu, at least modify the current menu to become a vegan dish and be willing to provide ingredients to satisfy your need and raise their awareness for the vegan movement. The video below summarized our week at Palma which had extreme ups but also a few downs. We sincerely hope you can use this guide to any destination you chose and we will continue to write guides during our travels.


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