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Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food...

All successful civilizations or population of people have received their calories from starch i.e. rice, corn, potatoes, bread etc. This is extremely common when you live near the equator. As you move north and south you end up eating more animals due to the absence of plants.

There are different diets for different people which is not true, there is an appropriate diet that fits most people. This can much be compared that there is a best diet for cats, dogs, elephants, giraffes, and any other mammal on this planet.

The population that only can eat meat due to the availability of nothing else is an extremely small population of people. That is an exception, not a rule.

We are the most successful species on this planet but we share it with other species. We see in color and that is why we are attracted to fruits and vegetables. Our hands are shaped for gathering, pick, forge, grab, dig, peel and feed ourselves. The consumer is in control of supply and demand, not the other way around.

It is true that we are hunters and gathers. The problem with this is sexism. Gathers were grandparents, women, and children. Hunters were men. The bulk of the calories through most of the civilizations, through all verified human history, has been from gathering.

If you look at another mammal, the bear which is an animal closely related to our habits. The polar bear only eats meat while the panda only eats plants. The grizzly bear will eat what is available, some eat meat, mostly fish, some only eat fruits and vegetables because there are no other options.

People have bad lifestyles that they’ve inherited. Environmentally they’ve been exposed to a certain way of eating and living that they’ve carried on into their adulthood, passed on to their children. That is why they go on to develop the same diseases that their parents and grandparents may have had before them. Even if you have a genetic predisposition, it doesn’t mean it’s going to necessarily manifest.


The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits...

You can approach anyone outside the science and they will fill your head with all kinds of facts and stories of their eating habits. Doctors are not trained and science does not get a chance to tell their side since they are overwhelmed by the corporate sector. There is one goal for them, to sell and make money.

All the animals we chose to eat for protein and calcium are vegetarian animals. The human mind tricks you when you eat garbage, nobody asks you about protein and calcium, it only derives when you start eating a plant based diet.

Once you chose a healthy lifestyle you will go through a transition period where your taste buds will crave what you use to eat but in time this will disappear since you have adapted yourself and your body to a new diet. Your craving will change and the need for animal products will not be appetizing anymore. Do not look at what you will not be eating, focus on the new foods you did not know existed.

Why do we crave meat and dairy, it is called the motivational triad. Biological mechanism that nature has designed on all earthlings. The first leg is pleasure seeking which is food and sex. The other two legs are avoiding pain and doing everything with least amount of effort.

If you were to eat the lowest protein foods in the plant world, it would give you 8-9% protein. Diets insist that you need more proteins but this is just another way of lying to the public in an interest to make money.

Intake is dose dependent, not type dependent. Some fish has more fat than chicken and pork. There are different types of cholesterol and some doctors will tell you that fish will increase a certain type of cholesterol which is good for you but it is not. All cholesterol types need to be low.

All protein is made by plants and it is not necessary to eat animal tissue to get protein. Only plants can take nitrogen from the air, break those molecules apart, and incorporate that nitrogen into amino acids and then make protein. Any protein you get from an animal is simply recycled plant protein. The largest, strongest terrestrial animals on this planet are all herbivores; elephants, rhinoceros, buffalos, gorillas etc.

Humans do not need to eat a lot of protein. When we do it results in health problems. The more meat consumption increases as it has in recent years, we can in relationship with this also see that health problems are increasing. Human protein need is just a tiny percentage of calories, 2.5-3% of calories.

Many people rather consume turkey, chicken, and fish. Meat, poultry, and fish are muscles of animals, poultry flap their wings and fish move their tails are good examples of muscles. They are the same, high fat, high protein, high cholesterol, no dietary fiber, high in the food chain which means heavily polluted.

Today we can artificially increase calorie density which gives us a hyper-abnormal amount of pleasure and we are stuck in the pleasure trap. It is an interaction between natural instincts and an artificially modern stimulation. The classic example are drugs. They highjack the existing pleasure circuits. Sugar, fat, and salt does the exact same thing.

We have storage in our muscles and in our liver for carbs called glycogen. When we eat carbs, we either store it or we burn it. When you eat fat, it goes straight to the fat, your body cannot turn carbs into fat, unless you’re really overdoing your calories.

Animal Products

The problem is that we look at the final product, not the process...

Eating meat is often associated with manhood, to be a man, macho feeling. It causes erectile dysfunction. It is all about blood flow, if you read the Viagra effect it is stated right there in front of you. If your arteries are clogged, then there is no blood flow to erect.

If you have coronary artery disease in one area of the body, then you have it everywhere. The dysfunction is the first sign that something is terribly wrong because the tiny blood vessels that lead to the penis are the first to be affected. Without treatment, it will lead to stroke or heart attack. The accurate treatment is to change your diet and not get tricked into the pill industry.

There are two essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6. We eat a lot of omega-6 today, the ratio used to be between 1-1 and 1-4. Today it is between 1-25 and 1-30. Diets will tell you to raise the omega-3 level so the difference is reduced, however, omega-3 supplements are known to increase the risk of major cardiovascular disease events. The correct way of managing omegas is to lower omega-6 to the correct level. There is no money in decreasing omega-6 and that is why it is not recommended. There is leading evidence in science that there are negative effects of omega-3 fatty acids on lipids glycemic control in type II diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, as well as inflammatory bower disease, rheumatoid arthritis, renal disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, and osteoporosis. In addition to this it increases the risk of cancer.

Eggs are the most concentrated source of dietary cholesterol. It is made to run a baby chicken for 21 days with no outside energy. This can lead to an increase in blood cholesterol levels, it coats our red blood cells which means our blood gets thicker and more viscous which is the number one killer of all men and women. This is called heart disease.


Commercial eggs are from chickens that are commercially raised. Their feed is genetically modified so they can grow larger. This effects the bacteria and the microbiology of the chicken. A commercial chicken egg is mostly omega-6, not omega-3.

The dairy industry through scientists raised the bar on how much calcium we need during the 1940s. The higher the calcium intake the higher the risk for osteoporosis. A research was conducted at Uppsala University in Sweden by Karl Michaelsson, Alicja Wolk, Sophie Langenskiöld, Samar Basu, Eva Warensjö, Håkan Melhus and Liisa Byberg, which provided this data but was not taken seriously due to the push from the milk industry.

Milk is healthy food for calves. We are the only species that drink milk from another species and the only species that drink milk after weaning. Milk is associated with increased prostate- and breast cancer risk. The purpose of cow’s milk is to turn a 30 kg calf to a 180 kg cow as rapidly as possible. Milk is a cocktail of growth hormones that helps the calf grow so it can survive.

The problem with vegetarians is that 90% of them still consume dairy, sometimes even fish, eggs, and chicken. If you only isolate meat from your diet, then you are still consuming animal products that are unhealthy for you.

Daily products are described as liquid meat. High in fat, high in cholesterol, no dietary fiber.

Cause of diabetes is the diet, the amount of fat that builds up in the blood. Tiny muscles of fat are causing insulin resistance. The sugar that is naturally from the foods that you’re eating can’t get into the cells where it belongs, instead it builds up in the blood. For children, the cow milk protein gets in the bloodstream, your body reacts and makes antibodies, which then attack the pancreas and destroys it.


Treat the disease, not the symptom...

27% of people die in heart disease, 25% of cancer, 10% of stroke, 5% of diabetes and 6% in Alzheimer’s. In many cases these are diseases based on nutritional ignorance.

Osteoporosis has been widely linked to the lack of calcium. If this is true than nations that have a high consumption of dairy should have a low rate of osteoporosis.

The nutrients with get an excess of are the dangerous ones; calories, sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat which are found in processed foods and animal products.

As seen in above slides from Sweden, milk consumption has gradually reduced while meat consumption has had a rapid incline. Compared to other countries, adults in Sweden do not consume a lot of milk but you can see that consumption of other dairy products are steady. If we compared this to below statistics for diseases we can see a concerned incline in certain diseases.

New cancer cases at any age. Men is dark orange- and women is light orange color.

Day surgery on heart and vascular at any age, both men and women.

Closed care surgery on heart and vascular at any age, both mean and women.

The amount of protein we consume is the problem. With this habit, you stretch your kidneys and liver. Animal protein also increases the risk for cancer. You can easily track the distribution of cancer and heart disease based on consumption of animal products.

Excess of protein elevates your blood cholesterol levels. It increases the production of free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules that stimulate aging and encourages cancer formation. It also stimulates the production of the wrong kind of hormones. It increases the level of estrogen in women which associates with breast cancer.

You can take human cancer cells and perform a test in a lab by dripping the blood of hose eating vegan, and get about a 72% suppression in human prostate cancer cell growth in vitro. The same test was done on women with breast cancer and after two weeks of continuously testing, their bodies cleaned up.

Cancer starts with genes, either born or changed by a chemical. These genes become capable of producing cancer cells. Nutrition is the promoter and animal protein grows these cells much more rapidly due to an over excess of protein, more than the body needs. During science testing it was proven that animal nutrients promoted cancer growth while nutrients from plant foods decreased cancer growth. Animal protein more than likely contain additional hormones, antibiotics, bacteria and parasites. There is also the issue with the fatty acid which promotes pro-inflammatory health concerns.

In the lining of our veins and arteries we have endothelial cells. They are the life jackets of our blood vessels. When you are young and healthy you can spread them out one layer thick and they would cover 6-8 tennis courts. They manufacture the gas called nitric oxide. This oxide keeps our blood flowing smoothly and helps to dilate constricted blood vessels during physical activity and inhibits the formation of plaque. It also eliminates the information that comes with the plaque. Scientific tests have demonstrated that within the typical western diet, these cells are damaged. When you turn 40-50 and have been mistreating these cells, then you are down to 1.5-2 tennis courts and they cannot protect you. By switching to a plant based diet it not only stops the damaging process but it reverses it.

A fatty substance in the bloodstream called cholesterol builds up in the coronary arteries, restricting the blood flow to the heart. This can ultimately cause several problems from severe chest pain called angina to heart attacks. Cholesterol is a natural substance produced by all animals including humans and is an essential component of our cells walls. When we consume dietary cholesterol, which is only found in animal foods like meat, eggs, and dairy products, it tends to stay in the bloodstream. This so-called plaque is what collects on the inside of our blood vessels and is the major cause of coronary artery disease.

Many people are given the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, when it is not Alzheimer’s at all. The clear majority of people suffered dementia because their tiny blood vessels in their brain clogging up and their nerve cells are being short-changed of oxygenated blood. Those little tiny arteries are clogging up from that steady stream of fat, cholesterol etc.

Cause of diabetes is the diet, the amount of fat that builds up in the blood. Tiny muscles of fat are causing insulin resistance. The sugar that is naturally from the foods that you’re eating can’t get into the cells where it belongs, instead it builds up in the blood. For children, the cow milk protein gets in the bloodstream, your body reacts and makes antibodies, which then attack the pancreas and destroys it.

Animal protein causes metabolic acidosis which is a condition that occurs when the body produces excessive quantities of acid or when the kidneys are not removing enough acid from the body. To combat this condition the body draws upon it most readily available acid buffer, calcium in our bones. As the calcium is extracted to neutralize the excess acid, our bones are weakened.

When you cook your food, your immune system reacts to it as a toxin. Presumably because the cooking process pasteurizes the food structure so the body does not recognize it. If 51% of your meals are raw, you will not have leukocytosis, no white blood cell reaction. Your immune system will not be activated with a false alarm.

They chose 65 counties across china. 6500 people across these counties were surveyed with questions and tests. The study resulted in reliable data that plant food based diet is always associated with lower mortality of certain cancers, strokes and coronary heart disease.

93% of the dioxin exposure mostly comes from consuming meat and dairy products because it climbs up in the food chain so effectively. It accumulates in the anima’s fat. Men have no way in their bodies to get rid of dioxins but women have two ways, both involve pregnancy. One is that dioxin crosses the placenta into the growing infant, and the other is that it comes out from breastmilk.

60% of human pathogens are of animal origin. The pathogen is what causes diseases in humans.

75% of emerging animal diseases can be transmitted to humans.

One emerging disease occurs every eight months.


Greenhouse gas smissions give rise to changes in ecosystems and animal populations, which play a devastating role for the occurrence and spread of diseases. Among other things, vectors that spread infections, such as mosquitoes and knots, and various viruses can benefit from a warmer climate.


Animals are living in their own waste, living next to animals that are sick and even dead, sometimes stuck in the same enclosure or cage. The bacteria tend to spread the pathogens that are being created in these filthy conditions, which breed resistance to antibiotics and you are becoming exposed to those. By crowding these animals together, they become a perfect engine for generating a virus that can release into the community. The food you eat determines the bacteria that live in your stomach. While you eat animal flesh every day, you are summoning up bacteria that eat carnitine and those bacteria will turn that carnitine into a molecule called trimethylamine. Your liver then turns that into trimethylamine oxide. That molecule drives cholesterol into the artery walls and the people who are consuming this flesh based diet are contributing to plaque building up.


By feeding animal antibiotics, some which are used humans, it makes us resistant when we consume the animal product. Some countries have taken an initiative to reduce antibiotics for animal care but then the animals suffer. There are guidelines how to keep an animal healthy but seldom these guidelines are followed and instead of providing care, the animals have to endure great suffering. The guidelines provided by authorities are as follows.


  • Keep the animals healthy through good environment, good care and good food.
  • Have good personal hygiene, wash your hands with soap and water, use clean shoes and boots, clean clothes and clean equipment, make sure the transport equipment is clean, etc.
  • Keep sick or infected animals separated from healthy animals to prevent contagious spread.
  • Do not demand antibiotics for your animal.


Would it not be easier for the sake of humanity to cease animal husbandry, thus, reducing the threat of a deadly epidemics.


The greatest medecine of all is to teach people how not to need it...

The public is meant to believe that the cancer breakthrough is around the corner, if so, why do cancer deaths rapidly increase every year? The problem is that the tumor is viewed as the cancer, by cutting it out we cure the cancer, however, we all know that cutting it out does not prevent reoccurrence which means again, we removed the symptom but not the underlying problem. We can go far back in time, to the 1950s where there were TV documentaries talking about the battle for cancer and how we would win over it. 70 years later we end up with more deaths from cancer. Independent of the cancer stage, less than 30% survive the cancer.

The word survival rate for cancer is 5 years after initial treatment but if the cancer reoccurs after 5 years, you are counted as a survivor even if you die, you can be cured but dead. What would happen if proper food diet and nutrients cured cancer? What would the people do that run cancer foundations that rely on donations, medical staff specialized in treatment, hospitals with cancer equipment investments…did you know that it is illegal in most countries around the world to treat cancer patients with nutritional therapy? The only legal treatments are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Very little training on nutrition is provided to doctors. Mostly the training is to catch and dispatch where pills is the solution instead of finding the root cause, they treat the symptoms but not the cause. There needs to be another way of treating people without using chemicals that can be found in drugs. The imbalance is not cured through pills, it causes more imbalance, we call it side effects. The problem is that you have to make some changes in your life, this is in reality a small change but the real problem is that there is no money in making you eat a plant based diet and to exercise more. The money needs to be shifted from expensive procedures to improved education, teach humanity how to take care of their bodies the right away before ending up on the surgical table.

Large enough doses of vitamins can prevent- and cure illness. Compared to negative reactions from medicines which can kill you, vitamins seldom and even rarely have negative effects and there have been alleged deaths caused by vitamins. Unproven and unverified to be caused by vitamins, yet to be targeted as vitamin side effects. When we search the Swedish database, there are not registered journals where vitamins were the cause of death. Vitamins do not heal you, they enable your body to heal you. Not one cell in the human body is made of a drug. Surgery does not put anything into you besides perhaps replacement parts. Giving the body drugs does not promote health, it removes the symptom, it does not treat the primary cause of the symptom.

Vitamin B12 is not made by animals nor plants. It is a microorganism coming from soil and water. There are foods today within the vegan diet that have B12 fortified to the food. Vitamin D is made by exposing yourself to the sun.

26% of patients discharged from hospitals are more malnourished then when they went in. 80-90% of the patients that went in are related to malnutrition. Instead, nourish your body and then body repairs you.

The medical industry needs to be there, infant survivability at birth or trauma medicine are good examples of service need for society, however, disease control has not been there shining colors.

The reason you do not read or see this is because the documents that have these facts based on scientific evidence are not publicly indexed for availability. Journals have been found online, extracted and made available on external sources that indicate disease management through plant based foods, exercise and vitamins while eliminating smoking, alcohol, meat- and dairy products. Short term drugs and antibiotics is the only drug that will help you survive but ask yourself why you ended up taking a drug when you could have used your own immune system to prevent the illness.


Did you know that most drugs are liver toxic and did you know that stress for instance consumes Vitamin C since you generate adrenalin and this promotes heart attacks due to lack of Vitamin C. Vitamins do not kill healthy cells. Did you know it is also recommended as cleansing of toxics from the body, to drink at least 2 liters of water every day.


Nature itself is the best physician...

Vitamin Type

Found In

Benefits & Treatments

A or Retinol

Sweet Potatoe, Carrots, Broccoli

Spinach, Mango, Pumpkin, Tomato,

Oatmeal, Apricot, Peach

Peas, Papaya, and Collard Greens

Improves Immunity

Can Ensure Healthy Eyes

Ensures Soft and Supple Skin

Strong Bones and Teeth

Prevents Urinary Stones

Prevents Muscular Dystrophy (lowers chances)

Prevents Acne (reducing risk)

Can Prevent Certain Cancers (powerful antioxidant)

Repair and Replacement of Old Tissues

Slows the Aging Process (wrinkle-eliminating)

Measles (relieve fever and diarrhea, aids in healing)

Lowers Cholesterol

Healthy Reproductive System (widley known)

B1 or Thiamine

Whole-Grain Cereals, Rye, Wheat Germ, Kidney Beans, Asparagus, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Green Peas, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes, Brussel Sprouts, and Eggplants

Involved in Energy Production

Development of Myelin Sheaths

Proper Cardiac Function

Can Prevent Cataract (with other essential nutrients)

Anti-Aging Properties

Ensures Proper Digestion

Can Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (slow down)

Can Improve Memory

Red Blood Cell Production

Alcoholism (can fend off the deficiencies)

Can Improve Appetite

B2 or Riboflavin

Dry-Roasted Soybeans, Edamame, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Avocados, Wild Rice, Dried Peas, Millet, Sunflower Seeds, Beans, Asparagus, Spinach, and Whole Grain Products

Helps in Energy Production

Helps in RBC production

Regulates Growth and Reproduction

Can Regulate Thyroid Activity

Can Prevent Disease Conditions (headaches, ctaracts, arthritis)

Prevents Acne (might clean up the skin pustules)

Can Protect the Nervous System (Alzheimer's, epilepsy, anxiety)

Essential for Normal Growth

Ensures Healthy Eyes

Helps to Slow HIV/AIDS (slow down the progression)

Boosts Mineral Absorption

Helps Repair Tissues

Protects the Digestive Tract

Healthy Fetal Development (regarded as an essential ingredient)

Increases Immunity

B3 or Niacin

Nuts, Dried Grains, Whole Grains, Enriched Refined Grains, and Dried Beans


Pellagra (may have a severe vitamin B3 deficiency)

Cholesterol (large quantities reduces LDL and raises HDL)


Sex (creating sex hormones)

Energy (converting proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy)

May Cure Mental Health

Diabetes (control HBA1C levels)

B5 or Pantothenic Acid

Mushrooms, Broccoli, Cabbage, Legumes, Collard Green, Nuts, Wheat, Peanut, Soybeans, and Molasses

Synthesizer (many important components required by the body)

Stress Reducer (reputation)

Heart Health (regulates cholesterol, controlling blood pressure)

Builds Stamina

Skin and hair (healthy skin, delay aging signs, hair pigmentation)

Water Solubility

Immune System Health

Relieve Detrimental Problems (asthma, autism, parkinson's)

Hemoglobin Levels (enhance)

Fule Source For Cell Division And DNA Reproduction

B6 or Pyridoxamine

Whole Grains, Cereals, Green Beans, Walnuts, Wheat Germ, Bananas, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Soybeans, Carrots, and Spinach


Co-Enzymatic Activities (nervous system function)

Immune System (refurbishing)


Treatment Of Premenstrual Syndrome

Emotional Disorders (deficiency may affect hormone formation)

Hormone Control

Skin Conditions (treating eczema, dandruff, acne, hair loss)

Cardiac Diseases (control the lecel of fat deposit)

Kidney Disorders (restrict stone formation)

Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (helpful)

Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis (helpful)

Treatment Of Anemia, Arthritis, and Influenza (helpful)

B7 or Biotin

Rice, Oats, Soybeans, Nuts, Potatoes, Bananas, Broccoli, Spinach, and Cauliflower


Skin Care (good health of the skin, revitalize reduced skin color)

Hair Care (good health of the hair, nails in good condition)

Tissue Maintenance

Weight Loss (helpful in reducing surplus fat)

Heart Problems (helps in reducing the level of cholesterol)

Synthesizer (many important components required by the body)

Blood Sugar (helpful in maintaining proper levels, regulate insulin)

Treatment Of Alopecia, and Parkinson’s (helpful)

Treatment Of Rett syndrome, and Vaginal Candidiasis(helpful)

Treatment Of Seborrhea Dermatitis, and Crohn's (helpful)

Treatment Of Peripheral Neuropathy (helpful)

B9 or Folic Acid

Green Vegetables, Mushrooms, Beans, Legumes, Cauliflower, Bananas, Peas, Brown Rice, and Lentils

Heart Disorders (controls the level of deposition of cholesterol)

Stroke (removing homocysteine)

Cancer (helps eradicate the chances of cancer in various forms)

Pregnancy and Birth Defects

Building Muscles

Cell Enhancement

Coenzyme (synthesis of DNA)

Hemoglobin Formation

Mental and Emotional Disorders (helpful, anxiety and depression)

B12 or Cyanocobalamin

Supplement or/and Enriched foods

Cell Maintenance (formation, repair, and maintenance)

DNA Formation

Fatigue (relief from fatigue and weakness, improve stamina)

Reducing Cholesterol (helpful)

Treatement Of Sickle Cell Disorder (endothelial damage)

Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease (effective)

Treatment Of Anemia (replenish Intrinsic Factor)

Breast Cancer (vitamin deficiancy)

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid

Oranges, Grapes, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cabbages, Califlower, Leafy Vegetables, Red Peppers, Potatoes, Broccoli, Chillies, Watercress, Parsley, Brussels Sprouts, Cantaloupes, Mange Tout, and Kiwi Fruits

Prevention of Scurvy

Treatment of the Common Cold

Lowering Hypertension (lowering blood pressure)

Treatment Of Vasodilation (atherosclerosis, high cholesterol)

Cure of Lead Toxicity (can reduce the blood lead level)

Curing Cataracts (increases the blood supply to ocular areas)

Treatment Of Cancer (minimized risk for various types)

Combating Stroke (helps in reducing the risk)

Mood (production of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine)

Immunity (stimulation of white blood vessels)

Wound Repair

Controlling Asthma (reduce the symptoms)

Curing Diabetes (help in the processing of insulin and glucose)

Preventing Heart Diseases (protection from free radicals)

Vitamin D

Supplement, Sun, Enriched foods, and Musrooms

Curing Rickets (control phosphate and calcium levels)

Treatment of Osteomalacia

Protection Against Peripheral Arterial Disease (reduction)

Cutting the Risk of Cancer (reduce the risk of various types)

Reducing Bone Fractures (reduce the chances)

Treating Rachitic Rosary

E or Tocopherol

Seeds, Vegetable Oils, Wheat Germ, Leafy Vegetables, Avocados, and Whole Grains

Cardiovascular Diseases (helps in cell-membrane stability)

Cancer (help protect cells from free radicals)

Immune System (helps in DNA repair)

Improving Metabolism (helps stop development of nitrosamines)

Protect Sensative Tissue (helps skin, liver, eyes, breasts)

Heart Diseases (helps prevent or delay the onset)

Cataracts (aid in reducing or delaying the growth)

Vitamin K

Leafy Vegetables, Collard Greens, Broccoli, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, and Lettuce


Blood Clotting (helps in improving blood disorders)

Excessive Menstrual flow (help in reducing the blood flow)

Internal Bleeding (helps in reducing the threat of bleeding)

Menstrual Pain (helps in the proper functioning of hormones)

Pregnant Women (helps reduce vomiting and nausea)

Hemorrhaging In Babies

Biliary Obtrusion (can prevent these complications)

Healthy Digestive/Immune Systems (help to protect)

Regulation Of Blood Sugar