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Animal Rights need to be Law with Order!


An invitation to learn who I am, how I think and where my passion lays for animals.

Knife in the Heart!


When you find out how animals have always been treated, it will strike you like a knife in the heart knowing you contributed.

Sweden tries but fails!


Sweden has the strictest animal care laws in the world, yet we still have inspectors that constantly receive reports of animal neglect and suffering.

Dog laboratories is not the future!


Animal laboratories where we donate- and raise money to find a cure for diseases. The truth behind these laboratories is sometimes hidden from the donation spotlight.

Animal or Human?


Stop for one minute and think about the innocent humans, the children, and the women. Men cause an extreme high percentage of the animal suffering, not women. A child is not born to be an animal abuser....

Mouth Orgasm!


Who said you cannot go to a restaurant and eat amazing vegetarian food, however, for this visit we paid a healthy sum of money but it sure was good!

Humanity vs. Animals!


We can cry about human rights all our lives but the facts are there, the truth can be told, we cannot stand united to prevent warfare as the one solution to resolve a conflict.

A Glimpse at Animal Transports!


The animals are usually loaded onto trucks, as many as possible to save money on transportation costs. In addition, they are not watered nor fed and usually travel independent of weather.

To Blame a Vegetarian!


Meat consumers love to blame vegetarians for different reasons, foremost that our consumption of soy is destroying the planet, however, when you look at the facts it does not match up.

Dairy and Meat Addiction!


The human belongs to the group called omnivores, meaning we eat a variety of foods, including meat and plant matter.

Doomsday is Reality!


We need to wake up from our eternal sleep, burst the bubble that surrounds you and take a step out from your boxed in world.

Got Milk?


Today is our last day with milk. We made a family decision to follow the advice derived from intensive research and it does not require a lot of intelligence to understand.

Decisions Impact!


Life is too short and fragile. We proceed to let days become months and months becoming years where death brings regret and remorse.

Converting Meat Lovers!


The throwing of piglets on the ground to kill them is a cruel technique that causes much pain and suffering. Most piglets do not die but remain motionless still breathing, slowly fading away.

The Dream of Eurovision 2017!


We have stray dogs by the thousands on our streets, dirty fleabags that carry diseases and constantly beg for food. We do not care who put them there even though we know it is humanities fault, we will not be doing anything about it until the public eye reaches us.

The Myth of Milk!


Milk is a mystical myth, sometimes you wonder where it all comes from. I can start by telling that most myths within the animal industry come from greed to make money because money is the sole goal for most humans.

We Are A Plague On The Earth!


Can you watch an animal being tormented, a piglet thrown against the ground, a calf slammed in the head with a hammer, a dog beaten with a stick, a pig being kicked, a sick chicken in confinement, a dying rabbit in a cage, a duck having a panic attack, a chicklet crushed to death due to its gender?

Farmer Revolution!


We isolated a pig farmer that went vegan and a Swedish radio channel for vegans interviewed Gustaf Söderfeldt och Caroline Walberg to find out the reality behind the meat industry.

Animals and Factory Farms, did you know this?


Most animals involved in the meat- and dairy industry have mental- or/and physical challenges, some can be treated, some have reached the end of the line.

The Bitter Truth Media Hides!


The life for calves in the dairy industry, is horrible, much compared to a concentration camp where death is guaranteed within 18 months for male calves.

Forks Over Knives!


Have you not seen Forks Over Knives yet? I am ashamed that I did not see it when it was released in 2011. Meat- and Dairy consumption is a death trap, it is the same as consuming poison.

The Holocaust of Animals!


Summer will soon arrive, daylight will extend and the smell will start filling the air, it is called barbeque season. We act like when we discovered fire, our pray is cooked over the fire, we celebrate by cracking a beer.

Earth Evolves As We Earthlings Regress!


Farming has been around for decades but the farming we have today was not the same 200 years ago. Water supply and climate have been the driving factors in the past.

The Clock is Ticking!


There are constant commercials surrounding us, in magazines, on television and on billboards. There are i.e. cooking shows where kilos upon kilos of meat- and dairy products are wasted.

Your Government, The Jokers!


We are all unique, our own thoughts and feelings. We are closing in on 8 billion humans on this planet, to unite 8 billion people will either demand an act of god or an alien invasion.

Unbelievable Vegans!


There are vegans around the world who you would never believe to be vegans because they all had an enlightening. Anything is possible, all that is needed is the will to change.

Fur, The Devil's Clothing!


There are vegans around the world who you would never believe to be vegans because they all had an enlightening. Anything is possible, all that is needed is the will to change.

What is a Vegan?


Many people misunderstand the concept and try to complicate it, making up their own rules and then assaulting others for not applying themselves. To just be a vegetarian is a massive step and I don't see why a Vegan would even consider them any less important in the path of saving animals.

Dog for Dinner!


This all seems to be a movie, you wish it was just a scary movie. Dogs being bludgeoned to death with metal rods before being disemboweled and dismembered in front of the other dogs, some restaurant owners claim the pain and fear makes their adrenaline-rich meat tastier.

World Wildlife Foundation, 2016 Celebrations!


There is an imaginary nightmare for animals that their body parts will make humans healthier or heal specific diseases, which is a clear human invention to make money.

What would you say?


I asked a farmer several questions in regards to what they would answer the animals if they could speak.

Carnivores, Herbivores, or Omnivores...


Do people even know where the human is based on our biology and physical structure? Most people do not, they strongly believe we are with the group called Carnivores, I even had people that said we were scavengers.

Humanity in Shame!


I wonder what they were thinking, were they in pain, did their last breath of air in sorrow, despair, fear, and pain.

What did they do?


I have not written in a long time, been so extremely busy with our new website and we created a roadmap into the future for the next three years, we are extremely excited.