Niclas and Natalya

It does not matter what you say concerning the business behind the animal industry, the products and services have only one goal, profitability. There are breeders, transporters and slaughterhouses who believe they are humane, but at the bottom of the barrel of excuses and lies, it's an innocent animal that never wished anything bad upon you, never showed aggression, never said anything evil. An animal that is born with a price tag, an animal who has already received a death sentence at birth.


The industry will make up any possible excuse, but it is plain and simple business, they are afraid of losing their operation. For their profession and their profitability, execution of animals is normality and they take no heed in their method of executing. It can be with a bolt gun, gas, electricity, or throat cut, they are also allowed to beat them on the head. If you could spend the last hours with the animals, from unloading at the slaughterhouse to execution, you would experience their grief, fear, despair, panic and stress. The lives of the death sentenced is short and usually consists of extreme confusion, fear and endurance of pain caused by cruelty.


Their children are taken away from them without respecting the bond between mother and child. Some animals lose their child immediately at birth and the nutrition the mother built during months of pregnancy is what the breeders need to show profit. Who asked the cow if it was ok, who asked calf which was thrown into a dark corner and forgotten? This is what we call milk. A cow’s life ends at the age of five or six when she is consumed and exhausted, the slaughterhouse ends her suffering.


Humans breed fur in miserable environments, the space provided is bare minimum to save cost. Fur, a luxury product that people do not need, but require as a status symbol. Has anyone asked the animal if it is ok that you kill me, to flay me, to let me suffer with my injuries and then sell my fur to become a decoration on a jacket? Nobody asked the animals. There are few who know and care but those who run the business will defend themselves bitterly with lies and excuses just because nobody should open the door and let humanity see the truth.


Humans are not satisfied with just a few animals, but all animals must suffer. All animals to be slaughtered is for one sole reason, greed. Does not matter if it is a pig or cow, crocodile or camel, sheep or chicken, elk or wild boar, deer, or hamster.


We let these people continue with something that not only directs disrespect toward animal rights but is also one of the largest contributors to pollution on the planet where everyone knows that you get more food on one hectare vegan farming than they get from meat- and dairy operations. Their business is the driving force that contribute to our planet’s starving humans. This industry is a monster that has gone berserk, consuming as much as possible while you walk blindfolded. The proof is out there, it is destroying our planet. The meat is even a greater environmental threat than the whole transport industry all together.


•38% of the total land use.

•33% of fish caught.

•40% of all grain grown.

•80% of all soy grown.

•70% of all drinkable water is used.

•19% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


We entertain ourselves with circuses and rodeos where animals are put through great amount of suffering to behave in a manner that amuses the crowd. Did we ask the animals if this is fun for them? Did we ask them if this is their choice as a profession?


Finally, the meat- and dairy industry is the founding father to some of our worst diseases on earth: heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and even impotence. Do you have a teaspoon of love for the animals, a tablespoon of concern for the planet and one giant cup of compassion for your own health? Become a vegan which is the only choice that protects everyone involved.

A person once asked me what I would answer an animal that asked me why domestic animals are extinct as in the animal industry ended. Here is our answer.

My dear friend,

I was once a meat and dairy lover. I consumed without thinking, I spit on vegetarians and vegans, my dream was always to become a zoo worker or farmer.

One day it was like someone shook me alive, felt like someone asked me what I was doing. I started digging into the business and got to see the truth from birth to death of domesticated animals, for that is what you are. You are all subspecies and have either an ancestor who is extinct or still alive. For you dear cow, the aurochs, for you dear pig, your cousin, the wild boar still lives although he is hunted constantly for meat.

All domesticated animals were part of a vicious cycle and since birth you were a breathing price tag, your life had one meaning, food for humans, food that humans do not need to survive. Food that was a contributing factor to the planet's environmental problems. At slaughter, they executed you with methods that created fear, pain, and suffering, we saw it in your eyes. Your breeder never saw this because they could not attend every slaughter, but what we saw with a spying eye was that the killing was not 100% lethal, sometimes you had to wait in pain while suffering for that final blow which was your salvation, death.

Your lives with the breeders was spread from an attempt to provide a humane treatment to pure torture. You must understand that regardless of how you were treated, you were already dead. You were dead the day you were born.


Sweden was a better country because we had the strictest law on Earth, but human beings are not born to follow law. Many do not follow the law and what we could not see, we didn’t know. Your life was not about the survival of man, but of money and politics, man called it a norm, you are animals and this is how it has always been. We tried to find a better life for you but could not for man does not have the capacity nor the will. The only reason you were born on this planet was to die. You did not have a dignified life where you could feel the same feelings as a human was entitled nor could you experience the same things your wild cousins did. You were not a part of nature's food chain, you existed only for man's greed.

You should know that man does not treat nature better than you were treated. They kill animals in the wild for resources that are just for luxury, for resources to compensate for your death, luxury food. Humans have even killed man’s best friend the dog for leather and meat.

You are not extinct because nature never created you, man created you. When we saw your suffering, the fear, your disappointment, the pain, and the stress, we decided that man did not deserve you. We were not worthy of your existence because we did not manage to respect nor let you live a full- and good life.

Most domesticated animals received only enough air to live ¼ of their life, and many times even less. We did not have any more strength to see your children being taken away from their mothers just to become a schnitzel or decoration on the Christmas table, you deserved so much more than that.

In the end, we saved you from having to go through a life to be born as a price tag and no animal on earth, including humans, deserve this. You should also know that human beings are not treating their own children better than your children. We continuously create tremendous amount of fear and pain for our own children and if we cannot protect our own children, so why do we deserve other animals’ children?

There are only bad reasons and excuses that you existed. All animals want to experience their mother at birth for the mother's love for her child is equally strong within all animals, but this was something that we stole from you and for millions of animals across the planet. We lost control, we went insane, we did not understand that we were the creators of fear, pain, and suffering. We did not take responsibility to make sane decisions.


We are challenged continuously by lobbyist movements and people that just feel that the Vegan lifestyle is wrong and every time we act with no hostility, defending animal rights. Usually our questions are not answered or we are provided answers that are incomplete or shows the bitter evil within these people. Some examples are;


1. Stressed meat cannot be consumed yet the industry agrees that once you leave Sweden a lot of animals suffer and are stressed. It is strange that millions upon millions of “other” people, not Swedish, eat stressed meat. There is nobody claiming difference in taste or structure of the meat, making it unable to be used for consumption. This is just a myth derived from propaganda.


2. We have been linked to Animal Right Organizations that are believed to be criminals and terrorists. Even though I have never threatened, acted violent or made demands on them as individuals, I am still a criminal. We have always been pained as a sect because we are vegan.


3. We had one breeder that said that bacteria do not die at 70 degrees Celsius and authorities have visited the breeder stating it is too cold for the animals, bacteria are not going to get killed. When we asked which authorities, the answer reflected on an authority that does not inspect breeders.


4. We had one breeder who asked us how much bedding should be in the box for the animal. We found is amusing that we were asked when we are not farmers. We think the breeder believed our data and statistics were fake, even though it was sent to us from authorities. We also received the feeling that maybe breeders are not qualified to be breeders and should be forbidden to have animals.


5. We have approached breeders with scientific research concerning the risk to get heart disease, cancer amongst other diseases by consuming meat- and dairy products. We usually do not get an answer or that this is pure propaganda.


6. A common approach is that they browse or personal Facebooks and make comments in regards to our pets. We do not really understand what our pets’ involvement is with this industry. In addition, most people we talk to about dogs think a dog must eat meat. We ask them to study the bear and its eating habits, then come back to us and explain what evolution is.


7. Once I asked a breeder what he would answer an animal that asked why. His answer was both short and extremely cold, he said “It was better that we inseminated you then let a bull impregnate you”. Even though this is nature’s way, they think it is wrong.


8. We had one breeder that said fur is a gift from nature and that is why we need the industry. Fur was important thousands of years ago, when humans did not have the capability to make clothes from other materials. Since then we have developed, become modern, usually no response.


9. When we speak about soy they for some reason call everyone else in the world liars and clearly believe that vegetarians and vegans consume all soy on the planet, even though many governments as well as respected organizations have proof of otherwise. Their lack of knowledge is immense.


10. Once we were told that elderly people should be pardoned from animal abuse and neglect sentencing because they are old. When we raise the fact that this is then applicable if they cause a child’s death or any other crime, there is no response.


11. We asked about the consumption of other animals such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and hamsters and the answer just proves that they have no interest in animal rights nor that animals are living beings. The answer was, it is not tradition yet it is not wrong either.


12. When we speak about antibiotics, they quickly start defending Sweden as a country free from antibiotics, however, we were not talking about Sweden, why are they so defensive? It is also interesting to see all the diseases and injuries that animals receive within the care of breeders, transports and slaughterhouses where the care involves antibiotics but the animals are either left to suffer or executed because they are a burden.


13. They often see Sweden as the perfect country. We are the model from planet earth. Even though the same tools are used to execute animals, we still do it better then the rest of the planet. Fact is fact that this is a lie, saying that 100 million years executed every year all are treated equally and all die in the exact same way. Saying that all humans working within this industry treat animals exactly the same. The inspects we have tell another story and usually we are threatened because of this information gathering.


14. They sometimes ask who we Lobby for, our answer is for the animals. This they find amusing and start laughing. Shows proof of no compassion nor love for the animals butchered every year.


The most important one of all is that they claim to love their animals and we find their definition of love to be extremely false since Love is the willingness and ability to let those you care for to be what they choose for themselves without the requirement that they should satisfy you…